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Wednesday, Nov 4 2015

Rubio Took Hedge Fund Cash From PR Bondholders Before Endorsing Their Position

Marco Rubio may be young, but he already has more than his share of skeletons in his political closet. Recently,…

Wednesday, Oct 28 2015

Trump Skewers Kasich on Lehman in Dumpster Fire Debate

John Kasich tried swinging at Donald Trump tonight at the dumpster fire debate, but the only memorable takeaway was Trump…

Wednesday, Oct 28 2015

Entire GOP Field Would Repeal Dodd-Frank, Return Power To Wall Street

In the era of Donald Trump, Wall Street big whigs seem to be hiding in the shadows so far this…

Wednesday, Oct 21 2015

Rubio May Have Violated Ethics Rules & Broke Federal Law

Marco Rubio yesterday in an interview with Fox News from a senate office building urged viewers to "chip in" to…

Wednesday, Oct 7 2015

Karl Rove "Spending Big Bucks" To Save Kelly Ayotte

Another one of Kelly Ayotte's special interest backers is spending millions this week to try to save her campaign. NH1 reports,…

Tuesday, Oct 6 2015

Marco Rubio's Wall Street Recess

Marco Rubio is in New York this week making the rounds on Wall Street, but cozying up to hedge fund managers and…

Wednesday, Sep 30 2015

Jeb Bush's Energy Proposal Would "Significantly" Benefit Top Donors To His Super PAC

A new International Business Times analysis shows Jeb Bush's energy proposal would "significantly" benefit top donors to his super PAC. Jeb "Own…

News Friday, Mar 13 2015

For Top GOP Candidates, Legal Questions Remain As Their PACs Raise Millions

Jeb Bush still hasn't launched his presidential campaign, instead opting to headline massive fundraising events through his "leadership PAC." It's going so well that he recently had to tell his wealthy donors to limit their contributions to a measly $1 million, presumably because the optics were less-than-ideal for a guy who is already viewed as wildly out of touch with the Today, the New York Times ran a piece on "blurred lines," only these legal issues had nothing to do with Robin Thicke. Rather, it has to do with the questionable operational relationship between still-undeclared presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his Right To Rise PAC.

Monday, Jan 26 2015

American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse On The Kochs' 2016 plans

"The Kochs are planning to spend an outrageous amount of money on the 2016 election, more than the RNC did in 2012, and nearly $1 billion in total, because they'll stop at nothing to purchase a government that grows their profits, weakens pollution standards, and maintains tax breaks for big oil- all at the expense of investing in middle class families and an economy that works for everyone."

Monday, Sep 8 2014

ICYMI: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel- Investigation into Scott Walker "must continue"

Last week, former Virginia Governor Republican Bob McDonnell became the first Virginia governor to be convicted of a felony, with a federal grand jury finding him guilty of 11 counts of corruption. Across the country, another GOP Governor, Scott Walker, faces questions stemming from an investigation into his own potentially felonious behavior, as highlighted by recent editorials in his hometown newspapers. Indeed, the most recent documents released in the John Doe investigation into Walker illustrate his alleged centrality to a criminal scheme to illegally coordinate campaign spending with an outside group, Wisconsin Club for Growth. The New York Times editorial board last week pointed to a $700,000 contribution from a large mining company to Wisconsin Club for Growth, timed closely with Walker signing pro-mining legislation into law, as evidence that the Governor and his aides "brazenly violated state campaign finance regulations":

Newly released documents show that the mine operator, Gogebic Taconite, secretly gave $700,000 to a political group that was helping the governor win a 2012 recall election. Mr. Walker had urged big corporations to give unlimited amounts, without fear of public disclosure, and many companies that wanted favors from the state happily obliged. Once the recall failed, the favors began to flow, even at the expense of the state’s natural resources.
But perhaps even more damning for Walker are a pair of editorials from two of the local Wisconsin publications that have been tracking the investigation most doggedly, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the La Crosse Tribune. Both editorial boards not only offer strong rebukes for the Governor's scheme to raise money in support of his campaign during the 2012 recall election, but emphasize the importance of the John Doe investigation itself.

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