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News Foreign Policy Wednesday, Aug 3 2016

Straw-Grasping Republicans Catch Up On January's News

Aug 03, 2016

Republicans are suddenly growing outraged by “news” of a “secret” Iran deal today; a deal publicly announced and well-reported seven months ago. In a legal settlement stemming from Iranian action taken at the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, the United States agreed to return $400 million to Iran that had been held in trust prior to the break in diplomatic ties. The settlement was in no way tied to the release of American prisoners held in Iran and Republicans attempting to link the two are engaging in a dangerous game which potentially undermines future diplomatic efforts.

Statement by President Obama (1/17/2016): 

U.S. Department of State (1/17/2016): Hague Claims Tribunal Settlement

Published: Aug 3, 2016

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