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Martha McSally Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

Ads Launch Featuring Martha McSally’s Devastating Comments About Women in the Military

Watch the new ad here, and read Salon’s bombshell report here McSally: “Go work at WalMart if you want to do that”…

Oppo Dump: Vulnerable Arizona Republicans on LGBTQ Equality

American Bridge releases their first state legislative “oppo dump” focused on Republican lawmakers’ LGBTQ records, read it here. Today, American…

The Oppo Dump LGBTQ+ Thursday, Jun 25 2020

American Bridge Oppo Dump Targets Vulnerable Republican State Lawmakers on LGBTQ Equality

American Bridge releases their first reports in a series of “oppo dumps” targeting 26 Republican state lawmakers’ LGBTQ records Today,…

Wednesday, Jun 24 2020

As COVID-19 Cases Surge, THIS is What Arizona State Republicans Are Doing

As coronavirus cases surge in Arizona, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video exposing Republican state lawmakers who have…

Tuesday, Jun 23 2020

New Arizona Ad: Martha McSally Hawking Books Instead of Doing Her Job

American Bridge is launching new ads in Arizona today featuring highlights from unelected Senator Martha McSally’s self-promotional book tour over…

Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

American Bridge Launches 5 State Ad Campaign on Trump; Senate Republicans’ Plans to Cut Medicare & Social Security

The ad campaign, called “Stealing From Us,” will run in Maine, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina Sens. Collins, Ernst, McSally, Gardner, and Tillis all…

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