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News Tuesday, May 26 2015

SRLC Roundup: GOPers can't help but talk extreme social issues

May 26, 2015

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City dealt the latest blow to Jeb Bush after coming in sixth in the straw poll while Ben Carson ran away with first. The race to the right continued with Bridge catching Scott Walker and Rick Santorum threatening to close the door on legal immigration. Bush is so scared of W’s shadow that he starts off speeches telling the crowd how much he loves his brother (and his policies, we’d note.) Bobby Jindal couldn’t help but remind voters about how extreme the GOP slate of candidates is with Indiana-style RFRA discrimination laws, Hobby Lobby, and his belief that the Republican Party shouldn’t be supporting big business.

Take a look at the highlights from the week:

Scott Walker

“Wake up” that immigrants have “other motives” than jobs. 

Chris Christie

Calling to raise the retirement age.

Jeb Bush

“I’m proud of my brother.”

Bobby Jindal

Joking about how gun control means hitting your target.

Hobby Lobby should have been a 9-0 decision.

RFRA support.

Opposition to RFRA is “state-sponsored discrimination against Christians.”

The GOP shouldn’t be the party of big business. 

Published: May 26, 2015

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