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News Monday, Feb 6 2017

#SpinelessGOP: Republicans Run Scared From Their Constituents

Feb 06, 2017

The first two weeks of Trump’s administration have sparked a wave of protests against a Republican Congress that has proven too spineless to stand up to him. Now, GOP Senators and Congressmen are running scared from their own outraged constituents.

From stripping health care from 32 million Americans, to repealing financial reform that will benefit millionaires and billionaires, to supporting Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, cowardly Republicans have embraced Trump’s dangerous agenda. But while House and Senate Republicans cower, count on voters to hold the #SpinelessGOP accountable.

Here’s just a sample of the brutal coverage of the #SpinelessGOP:

Politico: Republicans face anger over Obamacare repeal during town halls

Guardian: ‘Shame on you’: Republicans face crowds angry over Obamacare repeal

WESH: Constituents to Marco Rubio: “We want a town hall!”

Reno Gazette-Journal: Having trouble trying to call Dean Heller? So is everyone else

Las Vegas Sun: Vulnerable Republican Sen. Dean Heller under mounting pressure

“More than 250 protesters spent Sunday afternoon outside Senator Heller’s office in downtown Reno to urge him to vote against Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education.”

WCSH: Constituents hold a rally to get Sen Collins to hold a town hall

Politico: Comstock a no-show at weekend town halls

WBBH: Mike Coffman leaves town hall early to avoid crowd of 100

WFXG: Rep. Tim McClintock “Booed Out of Town Hall”

Talking Points Memo: Republican Congressman Escorted Out By Police Amid Protests

WLS: Hundreds protest as Roskam ignores request for town hall meeting

Chicago Daily Herald: Roskam meets with Republicans in Palatine, ignores 400 protesters

Tampa Bay Times: A Bilirakis gathering turns out to be strongly pro-Obamacare

SaintPetersBlog: Gus Bilirakis hears (loudly) about the Affordable Care Act at town hall meeting

ThinkProgress: Hundreds of people confronted an anti-Obamacare congressman in Florida

Los Angeles Times: Hundreds of protesters at Rep. Steve Knight’s office ask him not to repeal Obamacare

Published: Feb 6, 2017

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