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News Wednesday, Feb 15 2017

#SpinelessGOP: Excuses Edition

Feb 15, 2017

Another day, another series of poor excuses for why #SpinelessGOP Senators and Congressmen refuse to meet with their constituents. It’s a sad display of cowardice as more and more Americans demand answers from their representatives in Congress who are refusing to answer questions about Donald Trump’s extreme agenda.

So how are Republicans ducking, dodging, excusing, and outright lying about town halls? Let us count the ways…

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz has accused his constituents (without evidence, mind you) of being “paid” agitators. In response, Chaffetz’s constituents have started sending his offices invoices for attending the town hall.

“Some Utahns, outraged at Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s unsubstantiated claim that paid protesters infiltrated his raucous town-hall meeting last week, have begun to send invoices to the congressman. If he says they got money for showing up, he should foot the bill, they argue.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry also claims to have seen “ads for paid protesters,” but conveniently refused to go into detail…

Dave Weigel @daveweigel: Rep. Scott Perry says he’s seen “ads for paid protesters” for town halls, doesn’t get especially specific.

New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur claims his town halls have been “hijacked” creating quite the “spectacle.”

“Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-3rd District. says his town hall schedule is on hold because he doesn’t ‘want to be baited into having an event that some outside group can just make a spectacle out of.’ Instead, MacArthur held a one-hour telephone town hall on Monday, where constituents were invited to call in with their questions.”

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin’s spokeswoman said that “liberal obstructionists” are preventing him from meeting with his constituents.

“Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York canceled an appearance at an event in April hosted by the Rogers Memorial Library in Southhampton. His spokeswoman, Jennifer DiSiena, told CNN that the event was ‘co-opted, renamed and rebranded by a group of liberal obstructionists.’”

Another New York Rep. Chris Collins, vowed to never hold a town hall because they are “useless” and he refuses to be “heckle[d].” Yes, really.

“’Because what you get are demonstrators who come and shout you down and heckle you,’ Collins said. ‘They are not what you hope they would be, which is a give and take from people actually interested in getting some facts.’”

Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo seriously argued that his district is too “geographically spread out” for him to do in-person meetings with his constituents.

“With a district as geographically spread out as FL-26, in-person town hall meetings do not provide all constituents with equal opportunities to attend and participate,” said his communications director, Joanna Rodriguez.

California Rep. Steve Knight said he would be unable to meet with his constituents due to “this year’s heavy legislative schedule.”

“‘Due to this year’s heavy legislative schedule, we regret that we are unfortunately unable to hold in-person town halls in California at this point in time,’ it said.”

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Published: Feb 15, 2017

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