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News Friday, Sep 8 2017

Spineless Republicans Are Avoiding Town Halls

Sep 08, 2017

Congressional Republicans have been terrified of meeting their constituents since Trump took office — and nearly half haven’t held a single town hall since January 20despite all of the time they have spent back in their districts. With the stakes in Washington higher than ever, Members of Congress owe it to their constituents to hear their thoughts and concerns.

Mic: Nearly half of Republicans have yet to hold a public town hall since Donald Trump took office

By Will Drabold | September 8, 2017
  • “It’s been 231 days since Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. In that time, nearly half of Republicans in Congress have still not held a public town hall with constituents.”
  • “The numbers, shared exclusively with Mic, show 167 Republican members of the House and Senate have yet to hold a town hall. Of the 242 Democrats, 217 have held at least one.”
  • ‘”There’s no excuse at this point,” said Jimmy Dahman, founder of Town Hall Project. “They had five weeks. You can go on vacation, do a ton of things and still have time for a single in-person event.”’
  • “Throughout 2017, town halls have delivered the most high-profile opportunities for confrontation between members of Congress and constituents.”
Read the whole story here.
For more information about the scared Republican Members of Congress who are failing to do a town hall, visit American Bridge’s and follow our work to hold Republicans accountable at @demandatownhall.


Published: Sep 8, 2017

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