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News Tuesday, May 2 2017

Spicer Questions: "Good Shutdown" Edition

May 02, 2017

Trump War Room Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions: 
1. What does President Trump hope to gain politically from a government shutdown in September when his party controls both chambers of Congress?  

2. Who was in the room with President Trump when he called Vladimir Putin earlier? Did they discuss the 2016 election, sanctions, Trump Moscow, or any of their many mutual friends? 

3. Will the Trump White House and executive agencies comply with the Office of Government Ethics request for copies of all special waivers granted to political employees by June 1 so we can see how many lobbyists the president has working for him? 
4. How will Jared Kushner be disciplined for leaving off his business ties to Goldman Sachs from his financial disclosures? 
5. Will President Trump authorize another bombing in lieu of after-dinner entertainment this weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, NJ? 

Published: May 2, 2017

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