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News Monday, May 8 2017

Spicer Questions: "We Have All The Funding We Need Out Of Russia" Edition

May 08, 2017

American Bridge Rapid Response Director Emily Aden calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions: 

1. Did Jared Kushner instruct his sister to mention his influence in the White House as part of her sales pitch to Chinese investors for their family company? Is that a standard part of the company pitch?

2. Does the White House support sanctuary cities legislation signed into law in Texas that threatens police officers with fines and jail time?

3. Has Russian investment in Trump golf clubs increased since 2014 when Eric Trump said the clubs “have all the funding we need out of Russia?”

4. Why did Secretary Tom Price lie on Meet the Press about coverage becoming more affordable for people with pre-existing conditions under Trumpcare?

5. Is it fair that taxpayers are on the hook for an extra $61 million this year alone to cover travel costs for President Trump and his family when that money could pay the average annual health care costs for 2,361 families of four?

Published: May 8, 2017

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