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News Friday, Feb 24 2017

Spicer Questions: CPAC Cleanup Edition

Feb 24, 2017

Undoubtedly White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s appearance today will center on walking back the unhinged anti-press raving, electoral vote bravado, and policy nonsense President Trump spewed from the stage at CPAC.

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah says “good luck with that” and calls on Spicer to answer the following questions:

1.  How is Reince Preibus breaking the rules to proactively contact the FBI during ongoing investigations and ask the FBI to dispute negative stories about his ties to Russia different than Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s chance encounter?

2.  President Trump repeatedly attacked unnamed sources in the media in his CPAC speech. Does that mean we can quote the WH briefing this morning about Priebus and FBI on the record and with names?

3.  President Trump said “very few people” benefit from Obamacare in his speech at CPAC. Will his plan cover more than 22 million people?

4.  What, specifically, was President Trump talking about in his speech when he said look at what’s happening in Sweden, Germany, and France?

5.  What “swift action” has President Trump taken to build the border wall “ahead of schedule” as he claimed at CPAC?

Published: Feb 24, 2017

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