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Monday, Jun 13 2016

So Trump Doesn't Have A "Very Beautiful" Secret Plan To Defeat ISIS?

Jun 13, 2016

For over a year, Donald Trump has claimed to have “an absolute way of defeating ISIS” that would “be very beautiful,” but he has yet to outline a proposal in any detail — or coherence. 

Far from detailing a plan for combating ISIS, Trump’s repeatedly suggested that he doesn’t actually have a plan — rationalizing that it’s “other people’s fight,” not ours.

Trump’s all for political grandstanding and self-congratulatory opportunism in the wake of tragedies, but that doesn’t mean he has any foreign policy know-how, or any semblance of a plan for dealing with ISIS. (Though he did once visit Russia for the Miss Universe pageant.)

Here’s a sampling of Trump’s incoherent ramblings on how he’d take on ISIS — or wouldn’t?

Trump in October 2015: “I would sit back and let’s see what’s going on.”

Trump in September 2015: “Let Syria and ISIS fight…Why do we care?”

Trump in July 2015: “That’s not our fight; that’s other people’s fight.”

Trump in June 2015: “You know, every time I say it I get criticized, but at some point I’ll have to reveal it: but there is a way of defeating ISIS so easily, so quickly, so effectively, and it would be so nice.” 

Trump in June 2015: “I have an absolute way of defeating ISIS, and it would be decisive and quick, and very, very beautiful.”

Trump in May 2015: “I do know what to do and I would now how to bring ISIS to the table, or beyond that defeat ISIS very quickly —  and I’m not going to tell you what that is tonight.”

Published: Jun 13, 2016

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