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News Foreign Policy Thursday, Mar 3 2016

Simplistic Trump Doctrine Foreign Policy Does Not Impress

Mar 03, 2016

If you think skipping 60% of Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings would leave Marco Rubio a foreign policy novice, and ill-prepared to serve as commander in chief, then you are correct, as he, himself, proved at tonight’s debate.

Rubio’s “I totally know what I’m talking about even though I don’t show up” argument isn’t helped by the giddy eagerness with which he, like Ted Cruz, has adopted Donald Trump’s beginner-level foreign policy proposals and apocalyptic rhetoric. Carson, who notoriously “struggl[ed] to grasp foreign policy,” may or may not still running, but even his presence on stage tonight wouldn’t be enough to make these guys look much better by comparison. They’ve all started to sound a whole lot like Donald Trump.

The essence of the Trump Doctrine: Diplomacy is for losers; winners “bomb the sh*t out of them.”

This is a GOP field that’s abhorrently glorified torture and the indiscriminate carpet bombing of civilian-populated areas. And for his part, Marco Rubio’s stooped to partisan posturing in response to successful diplomatic negotiation — apparently you miss out on nuance when you opt for campaign fundraisers over foreign policy briefings.

Not one of these candidates on stage tonight possesses the poise, maturity, or breadth of foreign policy knowledge to serve as commander in chief — and no amount of amateurish posturing can hide the reality that their inflammatory rhetoric is far greater a threat to national security than an asset.

Published: Mar 3, 2016

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