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News Monday, Nov 9 2015

Shot/Chaser: Rubio Continues to Mislead on Credit Card Usage

Nov 09, 2015


From Marco Rubio’s campaign press release on his shady use of the Republican Party of Florida’s credit card for personal expenses:

According to the RPOF: “Using the card for personal expenses was not explicitly prohibited, but personal expenses ‘were expected to be paid through a reimbursement, or in some cases directly to American Express,’ Betta said. There was no written policy on the use of the cards, Betta said.” (Statement By RPOF Spokeswoman in Politifact, 3/11/2010)


From the Report of Investigation to the Republican Party Of Florida; “Manual” refers to the Republican Party of Florida’s Employee Policies & Procedures Manual:



Published: Nov 9, 2015

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