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Wednesday, Sep 17 2014

Shot/Chaser: Chris Christie Puts Politics Before Governing

Sep 17, 2014

Chris Christie may be governor of New Jersey, but governing New Jersey doesn’t always seem to be his priority. No, the scandal-tainted Governor seems more interested in running for president and attempting to play political kingmaker. Just ask him!

In North Carolina yesterday Christie made quite the admission, proclaiming that he spends the majority of his time campaigning for candidates around the country. Meanwhile, back home in the Garden State, he’s breaking records — and not the good kind. Even Fox News ripped Chris Christie’s pathetic economic record after New Jersey’s credit was downgraded yet again last week, the eighth time that’s happened since he took office.

Enjoy the juxtaposition of Christie’s priorities for yourself:

SHOT: Christie — “I spend most of my time, almost all of my time, campaigning for gubernatorial candidates.”

CHASER: Fox News — “The New Jersey Governor just got handed his EIGHTH credit downgrade. That is a record in the Garden State.”

Published: Sep 17, 2014

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