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Tuesday, Oct 11 2016

Shorter Burr: Trump Bragged About Assaulting Women ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oct 11, 2016

Senator Richard Burr has made it abundantly clear that nothing will stop him from supporting Donald Trump in November. Now, he’s had the audacity to suggest that because Trump was an entertainer, the grotesque comments he made in 2005 and the numerous reports of his sexual misconduct beyond that are no big deal:

“You hear and read comments like this from professional athletes frequently, and they’re entertainers,” Burr said. “Donald Trump was an entertainer and is in many ways. I don’t think this is something that we dwell on after somebody has asked for forgiveness.”

By excusing the GOP nominee’s behavior because he “was an entertainer,” Burr is perpetuating exactly what Trump said in the tape: “you can do anything” if you’re famous.

Senator Burr would like us all to forgive and forget about Trump’s track record of ignoring the rules of consent and doing as he pleases with women. Too bad for Burr, North Carolina women will remember in Novemeber.

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Published: Oct 11, 2016

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