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News Friday, May 8 2015

Shock and Aww…Shucks

May 08, 2015

As a scion of a political dynasty, Jeb Bush has some built-in advantages over his competitors. Family connections to donors and advisors have filled Bush’s campaign coffers, bringing him media attention and immediate relevance.

But in the post-Citizens United world that simply won’t be enough. Under the bright lights of the presidential campaign, Jeb has proven to be lackluster on the trail, with a record to regret. There’s no denying that his path to victory requires him to get the base on his side — the same base that doesn’t like his stances on Common Core or immigration, or for that matter his last name. And no amount of money is going to change that.

Read the key point from National Journal below:

But diminishing returns on cash investments undoubtedly shift the burden of securing the win back on to the candidate and his or her skills: These contenders will need to demonstrate an ability to click, in real time, with voters and offer a compelling message rather than simply relying on slick strategy to sell them digitally. In effect, the Republican presidential primary could become like the general election for the presidency, where the massive amounts of money spent by each party cancels itself out and rarely leads to substantial returns with voters.

That’s bad news for the candidates who are struggling to connect—namely Jeb Bush, whose current front-runner status hinges mostly on the expectation that he will outraise, not outperform, his rivals.

NJ: Why Jeb Bush Can’t Spend His Way to the Win

Published: May 8, 2015

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