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News Friday, Sep 26 2014

Shady Rick, Part Infinity: Donor Intimidation (VIDEO)

Sep 26, 2014

Shady Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida continue to show that there is simply no length they won’t go to in order to win this election.

For the past week, Scott and the Florida GOP have been subject to ridicule and disgust over a pants-on-fire that ran thousands of times across the state, and neither Scott nor the state party would disavow it.

Well they’re certainly not changing their shady ways. Now, the Republican Party of Florida has gone as far as to film guests attending Crist events, photograph their license plates, and send protesters in prison uniforms to a private home all to try to intimidate donors.

Scott, unsurprisingly, was dismissive when reporters asked about the outrageous tactics. But they’re not fooling anyone. Local news was all over their latest objectionable ploy, and voters are growing tired of Shady Rick and his shameless campaign.


Published: Sep 26, 2014

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