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News Tuesday, May 31 2016

Seven Most Shocking Trump U Document Revelations

May 31, 2016

Trump University sales documents read like a how to guide for setting up a high pressure con to trick people who can’t afford it into giving Trump their money. Here are the seven most startling examples:

1.) Trump University Documents encourage the use of tax loopholes. Any surprise Trump refuses to release his tax returns?
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2.) Trump University recruiters encouraged to take prospective marks on “the Roller Coaster of emotions.”
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3.) No money? No problem! Trump University Recruiters encouraged people to put their “tuition” on credit cards.
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4.) No money? No problem! Trump University recruiters were told to ask about retirement savings and advise clients to speak with a tax attorney about using their savings to cover “tuition”.
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5.) The program touted “Donald Trump’s professional Real Estate instructors.” Turns out, Trump couldn’t name a single instructor.
unnamed (26)
6.) Single parent who needs money to feed and clothe your children? Perfect mark!
unnamed (27)
7.) Trump U recruiters told potential marks that no major downturn was expected in the housing market.
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Published: May 31, 2016

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