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News Wednesday, Apr 5 2017

Serious Question: Does Trump Have Serious and Strategic Foreign Policy Goals?

Apr 05, 2017

Donald Trump has proven time and again that he does not have a cogent foreign policy platform or strategy to defend America’s national security interests. On Syria alone, he has wobbled from doing nothing to saying multiple lines have been crossed, and it doesn’t end there.
So, what are Trump’s foreign policy proposals and plans? If you’re trying to figure that out by listening to what he has to say, it’s impossible to say:
“Trump’s incoherent ramblings are entirely removed from reality,” said Sabrina Singh, American Bridge spokeswoman. “His lack of serious and strategic foreign policy goals puts us all at risk. It’s time for White House to offer the country more than incomprehensible rhetoric when it comes to keeping our country safe and advancing our interests around the world.”

Published: Apr 5, 2017

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