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Voting Rights Wednesday, Nov 3 2021

Senate Republicans Block Historic Voting Rights Bill

Nov 03, 2021

Today, Senate Republicans voted to block and filibuster the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act — the fourth time this year that they have blocked measures to strengthen our elections and encourage participation in the democratic process. Two weeks ago, they likewise filibustered the Freedom to Vote Act’s election integrity and security reforms.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would “restore crucial protections against racial voter discrimination” as “[a]t least 19 states passed 33 laws this year making it harder to vote.”

Despite that reality, in the lead up to Senate Republicans’ filibuster, GOP Leader Mitch McConnell falsely dismissed voter suppression as “a non-existent problem.”

Heading into next year’s election, Senate incumbents on the ballot in 2022 like Ron JohnsonMarco RubioChuck Grassley, as well as retiring incumbents whose seats are up in 2022, such as Pat ToomeyRichard BurrRob Portman, and Roy Blunt will have to answer for repeatedly choosing obstruction over securing voting rights and our elections.

“It’s shameful that Republicans have continued to block popular and necessary policies that will secure our democracy and protect Americans’ right to vote,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Brad Bainum. “We are going to hold Republicans accountable for blocking these critical policies to strengthen our democratic process, and make clear to voters that Republicans are the party that supports unchecked corporate money corrupting our elections while opposing basic protections to ensure that votes are cast and counted.”


Published: Nov 3, 2021

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