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Tuesday, Jun 7 2016

Sen. Pat Toomey Can't Un-Book His Ticket For The Trump Train

Jun 07, 2016

Senator Pat Toomey says he’s “not there yet” when it comes to supporting Donald Trump after the presumptive nominee attacked Judge Curiel’s “Mexican heritage.” But Toomey has made it clear multiple times that he will support the Republican nominee even if that was Trump:

In March he said, “I will be supporting the Republican nominee, whoever that is.” In April on the Dom Giordano show he said, “I said all along, I intend to support the Republican nominee.”

“Donald Trump first made news for his racist comments on Judge Curiel months before Senator Pat Toomey signed on to support him. For years, Sen. Toomey allowed an extremist take over of his party; a feeble attempt at calling out Trump won’t save him now,”said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Begrudging as his support may be, Senator Pat Toomey can’t un-book his ticket for the Trump train.”

Published: Jun 7, 2016

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