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Thursday, Dec 3 2015

Sen. Johnson Continues Attacks On Women's Health Care, Medicaid Expansion

Dec 03, 2015

Senator Ron Johnson and Senate Republicans are set to repeal Medicaid expansion and defund Planned Parenthood, taking away healthcare coverage from millions of Americans and denying women in Wisconsin and across the nation access to important health procedures such as cancer screenings.

Here’s what Ron Johnson wants to continue denying Wisconsin women and families:

  • In 2014 alone, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin served more than 61,000  patients.
  • Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin provided cancer screenings including 3,430 cervical cancer screenings and 4,799 breast exams.
  • Expanding Medicaid would save Wisconsin $400 million and provide coverage to an additional 81,000 Wisconsin children and families.

“Ron Johnson’s vote is another shameful attack to add to the Wisconsin senator’s history of inflammatory and fact-less rhetoric against Planned Parenthood and low-income Wisconsin students and families, said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler. “This is the latest example of Sen. Johnson putting the extreme, partisan agenda of the Koch brothers — who have spent at least $30,000 propping him up — ahead of what’s best for Wisconsin. Ron Johnson is preventing more than 81,000 Wisconsinites from access to quality healthcare through Medicaid expansion, and he’s robbing access to more than 61,000 Wisconsin women and men who rely on Planned Parenthood for healthcare and preventive screenings. “

Published: Dec 3, 2015

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