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News Foreign Policy Saturday, Feb 28 2015

Scott Walker: "Most Significant" Foreign Policy Decision Was Firing American Workers

Feb 28, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, fresh off of comparing middle class American workers in his state to ISIS, is tripling down on the idea that doing Wall Street’s dirty work will prepare him to face down foreign threats. This morning at a closed Club for Growth event, Walker called Reagan’s decision to fire 11,000 air traffic controllers the most important foreign policy decision in his lifetime.

Scott Walker was born in 1967. Here’s a brief list of major foreign policy decisions that have occurred in his lifetime:

– Nixon opening China
– The global war on terror
– Every START treaty
– The Vietnam War
– American involvement in Kosovo
– The 2000 Camp David summit
– Invading Iraq in 2003
– The Iraq surge
– Leaving Saddam in power in 1991
– The Iran hostage crisis
– Free trade deals
– The Reykjavik summit
– The Bin Laden raid

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: Walker should go back to punting. It’s better to keep one’s mouth closed and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

Published: Feb 28, 2015

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