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News Taxes Tuesday, Apr 10 2012

Scott Brown Reveals His True Priorities

Apr 10, 2012

Tax Day is almost here, which means another opportunity for Scott Brown to trot out stale Republican talking points and reveal where his true priorities are. In his recent radio report, Brown tries to tell us, “Americans pay more today in taxes than they spend on groceries, clothing, and shelter combined.”

The statement, taken from an RNC email sent around this time last year, may be technically true in the aggregate, but the fact that Brown cites the statistic indicates a deeply distorted set of principles guiding his legislative priorities. The numbers are distorted by the super wealthy, who though they might not pay their fair share in taxes, still can spend only so much on groceries or their designer clothes.

For many Massachusetts families, Brown’s statement is absurdly false. Tax time may be difficult, but it is the accepted contribution we each make – to pay the brave men and women who defend our freedoms, to build the roads and bridges that support our economy, to educate the next generation of leaders. Families are far more concerned about whether they’ll even have enough to keep a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on their tables.

With this statement, Scott Brown ignores Massachusetts families to express concern for the wealthy, like hedge fund managers and Wall Street executives, once again. It is the same thing he did when he weakened Wall Street reform, helping out his buddies at the expense of American families.

Scott Brown should know better. When he tried to pass off his Republican colleague’s life story and personal values as his own, it revealed that he couldn’t be trusted. Now, borrowing Republican talking points has shown he cares more about cutting taxes for the rich than he does about helping struggling Massachusetts families make ends meet.

Published: Apr 10, 2012

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