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News Tuesday, Feb 2 2016

Scott Brown Found His Candidate To Combat Ebola-Wielding Immigrants

Feb 02, 2016

One of Scott Brown’s signature issues in his (second) failed senate bid was fear-mongering over the Ebola-wielding undocumented immigrants pouring over the Mexican border.

So it only makes sense that Brown would endorse the candidate most willing to do what it takes: Build The Wall. 

Donald Trump has rallied far-right Republicans across the country with his promise to build a wall along the southern border, and make Mexico pay for it. Now, it seems Brown is lending his border expertise to Trump in the home stretch before New Hampshire votes next Tuesday.

Gotta hand it to Scott Brown — after losing his last two Senate races, he had his pick of all the presidential candidates since he hosted them at backyard BBQs throughout the campaign. Endorsing Trump and his commanding lead — after earning seven delegates to Ted Cruz’s eight in Iowa — means endorsing a fellow far-right extremist touting similarly out-of-touch policies.

Published: Feb 2, 2016

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