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News Thursday, Feb 9 2012

Scott “Bring Home The Pork” Brown Has Zero Earmark Credibility

Feb 09, 2012

This week, Senator Scott Brown has launched a number of attacks on Elizabeth Warren regarding earmarks. Overlooking the fact that Warren has never actually sponsored an earmark, Brown has – and bragged about it.

“Listening to Scott Brown talk about earmarks is like listening to Gisele Bundchen talk about football,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century. “The fact is, he has gladly and proudly asked for government pork, and his new-found hatred for earmarks is nothing more than an election year gimmick.”

As A State Representative, Scott Brown Boasted Of Pork Prowess

Brown: “I’m Going To Continue to Bring Home The Pork.” When discussing the upcoming 2009 legislative session, the Boston Globe reported that Brown vowed to continue to bring home the pork. “‘The first battle is to protect’ local aid payments to his communities, he said. ‘I’m going to continue to bring home the pork because it offsets what’s being cut. The second battle is to try to be part of the solution to the economic mess.’” [Boston Globe, 1/4/09]

Brown Claimed Track Record Of Delivering Millions. During his 2008 re-election campaign, the Boston Globe reported that “Brown said he has a strong track record delivering millions in state transportation and school money, local distribution of lottery revenues, and funding for the METCO program.” [Boston Globe, 10/26/08]

Brown Admitted To Bringing Home Pork. As a state representative, Brown helped secure a new fire truck for Walpole, but admitted that securing the funding was a kind of ‘pork.’ “The town needed it, and we got it, but it’s pork,” Brown said of the fire truck. “Brown said if he ‘had the choice of laying off a police or fire person or bringing home a truck: Forget the truck, keep the workers.’ That’s not to say he will not try to bring home dollars for his district, but with less to go around, the Republican legislator said he will try to focus on the meat and potatoes—things like education.” [Boston Globe, 12/8/02]

Brown Helped Secured Earmarks For Local Projects. In 2000, Brown helped secured nearly $400,000 for local projects. According to the Boston Globe, “$50,000 to help pay for restoration of Niagra Hall in Millis, and $344,000 to reimburse Millis for its Middle/High School project, both secured by Jacques, Linsky and state Representative Scott P. Brown, a Wrentham Republican. [Boston Globe, 8/6/00]

Published: Feb 9, 2012

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