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News Friday, Mar 3 2017

Scandalous Trump Russia Headlines Dominate Front Pages and TV Broadcasts Across the Country

Mar 03, 2017

Once again, Donald Trump’s troubling ties to Russia dominates headlines and front pages across the country. Today’s headlines? Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russia probe after he was caught lying to Congress about his meetings with the Russian ambassador.

“In every corner of the country, public pressure is building for a special prosecutor to take over the investigations into Trump’s dangerous Russian ties so the American people can get the truth. Republicans ought to join this call immediately,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.


NBC Nightly News With Lester HoltJust three weeks on the job attorney general Jeff Sessions is caught in a growing political and legal fire storm over his silence about contacts with the Russian deputies diplomat during the presidential campaign.”  Holt says that even though Sessions has recused himself there are still questions on why he didn’t disclose it. NBC then went through the timeline of his contacts with the Russian ambassador. Pete Williams says, “Some legal experts say he may not have committed perjury but should have been more clear.”  Peter Alexander ran through the White House’s response and played clips of Republicans calling for a recusal.

CBS Evening News With Scott PelleyTeaser: “He swore to tell the truth, and insists he did. The attorney general denies lying about meeting with Russia’s ambassador.” Pelley does a general overview of the events  and says, “No administration official has been accused of collusion, but questions are being asked about why top Trump officials have been evasive in explaining their meetings with Ambassador Kislyak.  CBS goes through a timeline of all of Sessions and Kislyaks meetings and Russia’s attempt to influence the Russia. A member of the FBI says that everyone knows that any Russian ambassador is a spy. CBS then report of the Hill’s reaction and CBS asked various Senators if they had met with Russia. Attorney Jan Crawford says that there is no way you have to be prosecuted for perjury.

ABC World News With David Muir: Teaser: “President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions under fire. Recusing himself from any investigations linked to the trump campaign, denying reports he lied at his senate confirmation hearing about having contact with the Russian ambassador twice before the election, did he mislead senators at his confirmation hearing.”  Muir summarizes and draws a comparison to Flynn who he points out resigned. ABC plays a clip of Trump saying that Putin is a better leader than Obama and how Sessions met with the ambassador the next day “So did that moment come up in sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador? Today Sessions says he does not remember what, if anything, they discussed about the campaign.” ABC then played clips of Trump mentioned Sessions and Russia during the tour in Norfolk. ABC then plays clips of Trump being asked about contact to Russia and saying he hasn’t.  ABC points out that Kushner met with ambassador and how the ambassador was on the floor for the SOTU, “The White House hoped to be still basking in the glow of that speech. Instead, they are now trying to explain their Russian connection, and fending off what they call political attacks.” ABC talked about Kushner’s meeting and the reaction on the hill. “On Capitol Hill today, the chorus was too loud for the attorney general to ignore.” ABC plays clips of Susan Collins, Rob Portman, and Jason Chaffetz calling for Sessions to recuse himself.

PBS Newshour: “The nation’s new Attorney General has spent this day under growing fire. And now, Jeff Sessions says someone else will oversee an investigation of Russian meddling in the election, and of contacts between the trump campaign and the Russians.” PBS plays a clip of Sessions talking about his recusal and his defense. PBS then played clips of what the response was on the Hill. “The revelations come just two weeks after then-national security advisor Michael Flynn was forced out. He’d told vice president Mike Pence he didn’t meet discuss sanctions with a Russian official, when in fact, he had.”


Published: Mar 3, 2017

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