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News Thursday, Jul 21 2016

Rubio's Words On His Political Ambitions Mean Nothing

Jul 21, 2016

Representing the people of Florida has long taken a back seat to Marco Rubio’s political ambitions. While unsuccessfully pursuing the GOP presidential nomination, Marco Rubio’s disregard and disdain for his day job resulted in chronic absenteeism and an inability to show up for committee hearings and votes. It should come as no surprise as a “longtime friend”  of the senator revealed that Rubio hates the Senate

Rubio denied reports of running for re-election to his Senate seat, but when tragedy struck Orlando, the failed presidential candidate exploited the tragedy to protect his political future and entered the Florida Senate race

Yesterday, Rubio was questioned about his plans for presidential runs down the road. Rubio gave a non-answer, but even if he had denied interest in a run, would anyone have any reason to take him at his word?


Published: Jul 21, 2016

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