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Thursday, Jun 22 2023

ROUND UP: Trump’s unethical deal in Oman poses a threat to national security

Jun 22, 2023

This week, the New York TimesInsiderSalonPBS, and Pod Save The World all reported on Trump’s shady foreign business entanglements in Oman with Saudi Arabian real estate developer Dar Al Arkan. This Trump-branded golf course, hotel, and luxury villas project is raising eyebrows because of serious ethical and national security concerns

The timing, location, and duration of this 30-year project is being scrutinized as Trump seeks a second term as president. If Trump wins in 2024, foreign governments would be able to buy influence with Trump by spending money at this new resort in Oman – a major geopolitical player in the Middle East.

Trump has a long list of foreign entanglements that fly in the face of his own administration’s policies and his GOP 2024 rivals will capitalize on that in the primary.

Read the coverage here: 

New York Times: Trump Real Estate Deal in Oman Underscores Ethics Concerns

By Eric Lipton | 6/20/23

“During his presidency, Mr. Trump’s family business profited directly from money spent at his Washington hotel by foreign governments including Saudi Arabia, just one example of what ethics experts cited as real or perceived conflicts of interest during his administration. His stake in the project in Oman as he runs for president again only focuses more attention on whether and how his own financial interests could influence foreign policy were he to return to the White House.”

INSIDER: A luxury project in Oman, which includes a Trump hotel and golf course, is being built by migrants earning as little as $340 a month

By Charles R. Davis | 6/20/23

“The investment opportunity, which required zero money down and has already netted the Trump Organization $5 million, came after a presidential term that saw Trump cultivate close relations with the region’s autocrats (Oman is led by an unelected sultan). Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who led diplomatic efforts in the Middle East, himself received a $2 billion investment from the Saudi government just after leaving the White House.”

Salon: “Blatant as it comes”: Ethics experts sound alarm over Trump hotel deal with Oman

By Olivia Rosane | 6/20/23

“Trump also deepened ties with Saudi Arabia during his presidency. After his departure, he and Kushner have continued to do business with the country, as he worked with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund to host the LIV golf tour and Kushner received a $2 billion investment from the fund.”

PBS: Trump’s business deal with Oman raises new ethical questions

By Laura Barrón-López and Tess Conciatori | 6/21/23

“[Trump] was quite friendly with Saudi Arabia. And so now, after he leaves office, his son-in-law gets $2 billion worth of investment from the Saudi public sovereign — sovereign wealth fund. And then the sovereign wealth fund always — also LIV Golf. And LIV Golf puts several of its tournaments at Trump golf courses in the United States.”

“And this — there’s a lot of money between the Middle Eastern companies, be it in Saudi Arabia or now in Oman, and Trump business operations that overlap with his activities as president. What were those deals and reward for his actions as president? It’s an open question.”

“But, again, we have never seen something like this in — even in the aftermath of a presidency, where a president is profiting as much from a foreign government that he — foreign governments that he was closely active with during his presidency.”

Published: Jun 22, 2023

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