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Ron Johnson holds up his hands during a Senate hearing

Ron Johnson Thursday, Jun 24 2021

Ron Johnson “Not A Real Fan” Of Tax Cuts For Working Families

Jun 24, 2021

Yesterday, Johnson reaffirmed his opposition to the expanded child tax credit that will provide up to $300/month per child to 39 million families

Here we go again. 

Last night, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson tripled-down on his opposition to President Joe Biden’s expanded child tax credit that will send direct payments to the families of over 1.2 million children in Wisconsin, and, according to one study, reduce child poverty in the state by 45 percent.

Despite the plan’s overwhelming popularity, Johnson — who voted against the proposal back in March — yesterday reconfirmed on a tele-townhall that he’s just “not a real fan” of policies that provide tax cuts to working families


Johnson’s opposition puts him wildly out of step with Wisconsin voters, who have been reading and watching news coverage about how this new tax cut will improve their lives: 

WFRV-TV/CBS 5 Green Bay: “Monthly tax credit payments hit bank accounts in July… and will be distributed for nearly 65 million kids…”

WMSN-TV/ FOX 47 Madison: Expanded Child Tax Credit Payments Start Hitting Bank Account in July

WLUK-TV/ FOX Green Bay: “36 million American families will get a chance to spend hundreds more every month….”

WAOW-TV/ABC 9 Wausau: “Parents could start seeing some extra cash in their bank accounts when the advanced child tax credit rolls out…”

Wisconsin Examiner: “U.S. makes it easier to enroll in expanded child tax credit; advocates call for permanent increase” 

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service: “Families with children could soon get extra financial help. Here’s what you need to know about the expanded child tax credit” 

WGBA-TV/ NBC 26 Green Bay: “For one Brown County organization, they say this credit can also help parents struggling to pay for child care. ‘It can be more expensive to send your infant to child care than it can be to send your child to college for the university tuition so the child tax credit  may be really able to help those families,’ said Paula Breese, Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W. Executive Director.”

Wisconsin Public Radio: “The nation’s childcare system is expensive for parents, and providers on thin margins struggle to pay workers. President Biden’s American Families Plan  would extend a $3,000 child tax credit for working parents and includes a $15 an hour wage for childcare workers.”

WXPR: “‘For families with children under the age of six, it’s $300 a month that those families will be receiving,” Boissiere observed. “So, at a time when families are concerned with being able to pay their mortgage, or to pay their rent or to provide food for their families, it’s a significant amount.’ But she noted it’s only a one-year expansion, and advocates are urging Congress to make it permanent.”

Published: Jun 24, 2021 | Last Modified: Jun 29, 2021

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