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Ron DeSantis Friday, Jan 28 2022

Ron DeSantis Just Can’t Win

Jan 28, 2022

The fourth week of 2022 is just as brutal for the Florida governor as the previous three

It’s been another rough week for Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Nothing seems to be going right.

For someone desperate for positive attention ahead of not only his 2022 gubernatorial re-elect, but also a potential 2024 presidential primary run, it has been anything but a sunny five days of coverage out of the Sunshine State:

  • For yet another week in a row, DeSantis and Donald Trump have continued their public fighting over the future of the Republican Party. However, new polling shows once again that DeSantis is dead on arrival in a GOP primary with Trump on the ballot. New, post-spat polling shows Trump with 57 percent national support, way ahead of DeSantis at 12 percent.
  • DeSantis’ proposed redistricting map — which analysts called “the most gerrymandered of any map considered so far by the Legislature” — was rejected by the Republican-controlled Florida Senate
  • A group of Black pastors penned a letter begging DeSantis to address the racial discrepancies in how COVID-19 care has been allocated in Florida. ​​“We have witnessed and experienced firsthand the rollouts for vaccinations and testing failing to reach Florida’s communities of color and its most vulnerable,” wrote the pastors. Just 42 percent of Black Floridians have one vaccine dose, compared to 58 of white Floridians.
  • With the omicron variant still ravaging the state of Florida, instead of helping by pushing additional science-based resources into communities, DeSantis chose instead to get into a nonsensical fight with the White House – demanding increased access to medication that does not help people suffering from omicron.
  • DeSantis took time out of his schedule not to speak with Florida voters, but to give a speech to an organization recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.


Published: Jan 28, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2022

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