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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Ron DeSantis Friday, Apr 8 2022

Ron DeSantis Doesn’t Know Who the President of Cuba is

Apr 08, 2022

Today, during a press conference in Port St. Joe, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis incorrectly claimed he has to worry about “Castro to his South and Abrams to his North.” 

Tragically, despite Cuba being a mere 90 miles from Florida’s coast, Governor DeSantis doesn’t appear to know that the current Cuban President is Miguel Díaz-Canel. This is what happens when you spend too much time focused on your far-right agenda in a transparent effort to strengthen a 2024 GOP presidential bid


If you’re the governor of Florida, you should probably know who the Cuban president is. If you hope to be President of the United States, even more so.

Someone clearly must have not read the morning clips last April. Maybe he should ask one of the 1.5 million Cuban-Americans living in his state


Published: Apr 8, 2022 | Last Modified: Apr 12, 2022

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