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News Tuesday, Dec 13 2011

Romney’s Freddie Mac Attack on Gingrich Reeks of Hypocrisy

Dec 13, 2011

Washington, DC – Mitt Romney’s struggling presidential campaign is on the attack against former Speaker Newt Gingrich over a consulting contract with Freddie Mac. While desperate attacks have been a pillar of Romney’s long, 17-year political career, this week’s iteration is even more hypocritical than we’ve come to expect from Romney. As the Boston Globe reported, Romney himself has up to $500,000 in a mutual fund that is heavily invested Fannie & Freddie — outside of his blind trust. The investment was made in late 2007, just “around the time that the scale of the housing crisis was coming into focus.”

“Even for Mitt Romney, this attack is rich. For him to go after his Republican colleague over ties to a company that he has personally invested up to a half million dollars in is so ludicrous it is almost laughable,” said American Bridge 21st Century senior adviser Ty Matsdorf. “Perhaps Mr. Romney would be willing to bet as to whether or not voters will see through this hypocritical attack.”

In September, American Bridge released a “Mitt’s Flips” video highlighting Romney’s breathtaking hypocrisy on the issue:

Published: Dec 13, 2011

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