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News Monday, Aug 8 2011

Romney Wants To “Add At Least 100,000 Troops To Our Boots On The Ground Capability"

Aug 08, 2011

ROMNEY: If, if there are some [bases] that are, that no longer have strategic significance for us, then those clearly can be closed, and we can bring troops home here, I don’t believe in reducing the number of troops, I would add at least 100,000 troops to our boots on the ground capability. I also don’t believe in cutting the military budget. You might say ‘but isn’t there a lot of waste in the military budget?’ Absolutely, and I would go after that waste and streamline to the extent possible our defense op-operation, but I would use those funds to, one, expand our number of troops and number two to update our Navy and our Air Force.

Published: Aug 8, 2011

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