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News Taxes Wednesday, Feb 22 2012

Romney Boldly Abandons His Own Economic Plan

Feb 22, 2012

Mitt Romney released a new economic plan a mere five months after he rolled out his 59-point, 87-page (available in e-book!) “Believe In America” economic plan. Why the policy reboot? Just another desperate attempt to win over the conservative base of the Republican Party.

Point 1 of 59 in Romney’s last plan was to maintain current tax rates on personal income. This proposal was heavily criticized by conservatives. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted, “But on other taxes, Mr. Romney shrinks from a fight. He says he favors tax reform with lower individual tax rates but only ‘in the long run.'”

So what does Romney do? What he has done for 17 years: he shifts positions to try and win over voters. The conservative base wanted bold? He went bold, proclaiming that his plan was “a bold, pro-growth proposal to cut taxes.” But will this be enough to convince the base that Romney is authentically conservative? Doubtful. Will it show primary voters, and voters across the country, that Romney will say anything to get elected? Absolutely.

Published: Feb 22, 2012

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