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Wednesday, Sep 15 2021

Roll Call: GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Focused on Spreading 2020 Election Lies

Sep 15, 2021

Today, a new report from Roll Call highlights nine Republican U.S. Senate candidates who played a pivotal role in “filing or actively supporting one of the failed lawsuits that” attempted to overturn the 2020 election results and advanced Donald Trump’s Big Lie

Those 9 candidates include:

  •  Pennsylvania’s 2020 loser Sean Parnell, who’s also backed Pennsylvania Republican state legislature’s discredited — and rapidly unraveling — election “audit”.
  • Nevada’s failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, who has already essentially suggested that he can’t win in 2022 without a legal challenge to overturn that future election.
  • North Carolina’s Ted Budd and Mark Walker, who each baselessly asked the Supreme Court to overturn the election and have downplayed the Capitol attack.

While 2022 Republicans focus on amplifying lies about the 2020 election, they’re far out of step with voters on the policy issues they most care about. Polling has shown strong support for Democratic priorities in the Build Back Better agenda, as well as for the bipartisan infrastructure deal—each of which these candidates oppose. And of course, not one Republican backed the expanded Child Tax Credit’s historic middle-class tax cut, which continues to lift up families on a monthly basis and Democrats plan to extend this fall.

Read the full Roll Call report here.


Published: Sep 15, 2021

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