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Tuesday, Jun 22 2021

Rob Portman Filibusters Effort To Strengthen Voting Rights And Elections

Jun 22, 2021

Earlier this month, Republicans filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act,
and they filibustered the establishment of a bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission in May, after uniformly voting against the American Rescue Plan in March

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman today blocked debate on a package of voting rights legislation and electoral and ethics reforms that will strengthen our democracy — proving that he’ll always side with his party leaders and corporate donors at the expense of standing up for the rights of Ohio voters.

For months, Republicans have resisted and aggressively attacked the idea of strengthening the electoral system and reducing corporate and big donor influence in politics.

As documented in recent polling, Portman and Republicans’ position is wildly out of step with voters, who broadly favor the For the People Act’s proposed reforms that include:

  • Limiting the influence of corporations and big money in politics;
  • Modernizing election infrastructure to increase election security and prevent foreign interference in elections;
  • Ensuring a reliable registration and voting process, including for safe and easy voting by mail; and,
  • Guaranteeing a more fair and nonpartisan redistricting process that prevents politicians from choosing their districts via partisan gerrymandering.

“Senator Portman’s opposition to even debating voting rights and ethics reform legislation shows that he will always put partisan obstructionism first, and work to protect his corporate donors’ ability to buy elections, rather than stand up to protect the rights of Ohio voters,” said Brad Bainum, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson.

Published: Jun 22, 2021 | Last Modified: Jun 29, 2021

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