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News Wednesday, Aug 22 2018

Rick Scott's Red Tide Dominates Local Florida News

Aug 22, 2018

For nearly eight years Rick Scott has let polluters get away with whatever they want — and now Florida is paying the price. As the worst red tide in memory — fed by pollution and rising temperatures — decimates businesses and wildlife, here’s just a sample of the coverage dominating Florida’s coastal communities:

AP: Toxic ‘red tide’ blamed for rise of manatee deaths in Florida

Herald-Tribune: Guest Opinion: Silence of science on red tide

“The state of Florida is in a full-blown, but largely preventable, water crisis.”

– Herald Tribune

Herald-Tribune: Red tide leaves foul taste for some early Sarasota voters

Bradenton Herald: Red tide continues to scare visitors away from beaches even as cleanup progresses

Bloomberg: Toxic Slime Is Ruining Florida’s Gulf Coast 

Tampa Bay Times: More manatees have died in Florida so far this year than in all of 2017. Blame Red Tide.

The Inertia: Florida’s Toxic Red Tide Killed a Dozen Dolphins in Just One Week

Bradenton Herald: County to declare red tide state of emergency as tons of dead fish head to the landfill

Business Insider: Sea World is turning into a homeless shelter for sea cows during Florida’s deadly red tide

News-Press: Editorial: Health department ignorant to water crisis

Quartz: Florida’s red tide crisis shows how climate change will make the world an ugly place


“As governor, Scott nickeled, dimed, slashed and ignored Florida’s environmental protections for almost eight years.”

– Froma Harrop Florida red tide update:Toxic organisms span 130-mile stretch; 12 dolphins killed

CNN: In the first eight months of the year, the number of manatee deaths in Florida has surpassed the total for all of 2017

Newsweek: Florida Red Tide Update: County Collects 150 Tons Of Dead Fish, Prepares For State Of Emergency

Eco Watch: Florida Manatee: 10% of Population Could Be Wiped Out This Year

Voice of America: Scientists Developing New Ways to Fight ‘Red Tide’

Fort Myers News-Press: Red tide, algae blooms prompt city of Fort Myers to declare state of emergency

AP: Toxic ‘red tide’ blamed for rise of manatee deaths in Florida

Salina Journal: Environmental malpractice washes onto beach

Fort Myers News-Press: Florida algae crisis: Is red tide getting better? Not so much

Tampa Bay Times: Fear of Red Tide prompts Tampa Baywatch to cancel annual scallop search

Newsweek: Florida Red Tide: Inmates Worked To Clean Up Beaches For $0 A Day

WTSP: Will red tide states of emergencies change anything?

The Islander: As red tide lingers, business owners take action

Published: Aug 22, 2018

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