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News Tuesday, Feb 27 2018

Rick Scott's Makeover on Guns is Lipstick on a Pig

Feb 27, 2018

“Rick Scott thinks he can make Floridians forget his horrific record on guns for doing the bare minimum in response to the latest tragedy,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “The truth is, Rick Scott has prevented sensible gun violence prevention measures his entire career, and he is a major reason why Florida has ‘among the most lax gun laws in America.’  He is underestimating Floridians if he thinks this political ploy will fool anyone.”


Politico: Rick Scott gets gun control makeover

By Marc Caputo | February 26, 2018

  • “‘Rick Scott is trying to erase the memories of everybody on the stances he’s taken on guns for the past eight years. But it took not just one mass shootings in Florida, but two to get him to act. And he’s not doing much,’ Tant said, referencing the Pulse nightclub slaughter in Orlando that happened during Scott’s term in 2016.”
  • “The reality is that Scott hasn’t actually moved very far on the issue of gun rights. The governor, who claimed after the shooting that ‘everything is on the table,’ never seriously considered an assault weapons ban.”
  • “Scott still has a political link in common with the NRA: his political consultant, OnMessage, also does media work for the NRA.”
  • “‘Rick Scott gets a great headline but he isn’t giving up very much,’ said Republican consultant Roger Stone, who lives a few miles from the school in Broward County.”
  • “When asked about an assault weapons ban on Sunday, Scott told Fox that ‘I’m not into banning, you know, specific weapons. I think what you need to do is ban specific people from having weapons. Focus on the problem. We’ve got to focus on solutions that work — banning the people that are going to potentially cause the problems. So it’s all these things together.'”

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Published: Feb 27, 2018

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