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News Tuesday, Jun 26 2018

Rick Scott's Health Care Sabotage Drives Up Premiums for Floridians

Jun 26, 2018

Floridians will pay more for their health insurance premiums next year, thanks to Rick Scott and Washington Republicans’ sabotage of the health care system — sabotage that has been directly linked to increased rates.

Nine Florida health insurers will raise rates by an average of 8.8%, with one insurer jacking up costs by 30%.

Floridians may pay hundreds or thousands of dollars more for health care — and Rick Scott is responsible. Scott bragged about advising Washington Republicans and President Trump about health care overhaul in 2017, was a key booster of repealing the Affordable Care Act and the disastrous Republican tax bill that destabilized health care markets.

Scott backed the Trump Administration’s decision to further destabilize health care markets by welcoming low-quality and short-term health insurance plans into the marketplace.

“Republican sabotage of Floridians health care, led by Gov. Rick Scott, is driving up rates and costing Floridians dearly,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Today’s rate increases are just the tip of the iceberg — if Rick Scott has his way, his wealthy health insurance cronies will make more and more money, while protections for pre-existing conditions are repealed and Floridians are forced to spend more and more money on their health care.”

Published: Jun 26, 2018

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