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News Tuesday, Jul 18 2017

Rick Scott Will Still Have to Answer for Trumpcare

Jul 18, 2017

The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act — resulting in worse health care for millions of Floridians — might be collapsing in Congress, but back home in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott won’t be able to escape his record.

“Whether it’s Trumpcare or repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, Rick Scott is stuck with a cruel plan to take away health care from millions — like gum stuck to a shoe,”said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Despite Trumpcare’s collapse in the Senate, Scott helped write the bill and supported disastrous ACA repeals to rip away coverage from Americans who desperately need it, and Florida voters will hold him responsible.”

Gov. Rick Scott bragged about working “closely” with Washington Republicans to craft Trumpcare legislation with Republicans in Washington.

Published: Jul 18, 2017

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