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Wednesday, Jul 18 2018

Rick Scott Still Won't Investigate Putnam's Background Check Fiasco

Jul 18, 2018

Scott, Who Once Said “The Buck Stops Here,” Refuses To Hold Putnam Accountable


In an interview yesterday, Rick Scott refused to commit to investigating Adam Putnam’s growing background check scandal. Despite promising to take responsibility for his Cabinet, telling Floridians that “the buck stops here,” Scott is aiding and abetting Putnam’s cover-up of his incompetent management of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

It’s been 40 days since the Tampa Bay Times first revealed that Adam Putnam failed to conduct background checks for more than a year. Since then, Floridians have learned hundreds of Floridians received a concealed weapons permit from Putnam’s department without proper vetting, and a whistle-blower revealed she was told by a Putnam employee she “worked for the NRA.”

With calls for an independent investigation in Putnam’s negligence growing, Scott is failing to hold Putnam accountable — instead giving empty answers to questions that show he’s fully committed to sweeping his own party’s scandals under the rug.

“Floridians see right through Rick Scott’s empty lip-service. Time and time again, Adam Putnam has put wealthy special interests above doing his job and keeping Floridians safe — and it’s up to Rick Scott to hold him accountable. Scott has failed that test,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

WFTV’s Christopher Heath: “He said his office was ‘aware’ of calls for an investigation…The Governor stopped just short of saying one way or the other if he supports the investigation, simply saying his office had received the request.

Watch the full clip here.

Published: Jul 18, 2018

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