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News Climate Change Thursday, Aug 21 2014

Rick Scott Pretends To Listen To Scientists (NEW VIDEO)

Aug 21, 2014

Ever since Rick Scott’s buffoonery on climate change was thrust into the national spotlight — and promptly ridiculed — he’s been desperately trying to rehabilitate his image on the subject. The other week, he even strung together an environmental tour in which he purported to be an environmentalist.

Well the charade has continued. Yesterday, Rick Scott finally met with climate scientist and he listened with all the focus and alacrity of an eighth grader on the last day of school. His faux interest in climate change (paired with his steadfast rejection of its causes) didn’t fool the scientists that met with him and it isn’t fooling the voters.

The truth for Floridians is that there is only one way to get your governor to care about climate change — and that’s a governor change.

Watch our new video:

Published: Aug 21, 2014

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