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News Press Releases Third-Party Spoiler Candidates RFK Jr. Friday, Jun 21 2024

RFK Jr.’s Rough Week

Jun 21, 2024

It’s been a rough few days for RFK Jr. as things seem to be coming off the rails for the spoiler campaign. If this week was any indication, it’s going to be a long summer for RFK Jr. as his campaign struggles to raise money, recruit volunteers, and meet debate criteria.

“After weeks of lying to his bubble of online supporters about his eligibility for the CNN debate stage, this week RFK Jr. had his bubble burst when he failed to make the debate stage, none of his billionaire friends decided to write him a check, and his running mate completely embarrassed the campaign in her first major television interview,” said American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaigns Communications Director, Brandon Weathersby. “People are starting to sift through the smoke and mirrors to finally see this campaign for what it is: a spoiler campaign with no chance at success in November.”

Recaping RFK Jr.’s rough week in June:

Published: Jun 21, 2024

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