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News Thursday, Jun 23 2016

Report: Marco Rubio's Sketchy Florida Lobbying Career

Jun 23, 2016

From the beginning, Marco Rubio figured out how to game the system, using his insider connections to gain power — and money. While collecting a taxpayer funded salary, Rubio was also employed as a lobbyist, advocating on behalf of companies in front of local governments whose budgets he helped control. As Rubio attempts to keep up his political position by running for re-election, American Bridge is releasing a report on his sketchy lobbying record.

In 2002, Rubio was paid to lobby Miami-Dade County to allow for “a multimillion-dollar industrial development to be built on restricted land near the Florida Everglades.”  This was shortly after Rubio the state representative voted for “a law that made it harder for people to challenge the kinds of developments he advocated for as a private lawyer.”

Rubio’s time lobbying and working in the state legislature is littered with these kinds of rigged deals. He repeatedly made moves that would simultaneously benefit his political and lobbying career. 
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Published: Jun 23, 2016

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