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News Wednesday, Feb 8 2017

Rep. Sean Duffy's Racist Rant Makes News from Wisconsin to Washington

Feb 08, 2017

It’s been a brutal 24 hours for Rep. Sean Duffy, as media reports have torn apart his train-wreck interview on CNN, in which he said Muslim terrorists are different from white terrorists, said former Rep. Gabby Giffords was dead, and suggested we think about all “the good that’s come” from the Charleston massacre.

Here’s just a sample of the coverage Sean Duffy’s disastrous five minutes earned him:

HuffPo: GOP Congressman Insists White Terrorist Attacks Are Totally Different
Wisconsin State Journal: Jonathan Allen: Sean Duffy’s an Embarrassment to Wisconsin’s 7th District
WKOW ABC: Duffy said, and these are his words, there is a difference between terror acts by white people and those committed by Muslims”

WAOW ABC: “Duffy was asked why Trump is not focusing on people like white terrorists…the congressman says, ‘It’s not the same.'” 
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RawStory: CNN host challenges GOP lawmaker on white terrorism — and he says Charleston massacre turned out ‘great’
Slate: Here’s a List of 39 White Terrorists for the Smug Congressman Who Challenged CNN to Name More Than Two
Talking Points Memo: GOP Rep: ‘There’s A Difference’ Between White And Islamic Terrorists (VIDEO)
Fusion: This wild CNN exchange with a GOP congressman shows our double standards about terrorism

“When faced with a preponderance of evidence to disprove his bizarre assertion, however, Duffy seemed content to simply offer vague platitudes about cracking down on white extremism. He also said, “Look at all the good things that came out of it!” when asked about the Charleston massacre.”

“So… Looks like someone just can’t handle the real world, after all.”

Published: Feb 8, 2017

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