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News Thursday, May 4 2017

Renacci Votes to Strip Ohioans' Healthcare, Sell Out People With Pre-Existing Conditions

May 04, 2017

Rep. Renacci today voted for TrumpCare, a malicious bill that would, by the Trump White House’s last count, strip 26 million Americans of their health insurance. That earlier version was bad, and the latest TrumpCare draft is even worse: it guts protections for Ohioans with pre-existing conditions, allowing insurance companies to price gouge Ohioans in desperate need of care. 

As Congressman Renacci seeks Ohio’s top job, he’ll have plenty to discuss with his constituents on the campaign trail — loss of billions for the state in Medicaid funding, hospital closures in rural Ohio, higher premiums, loss of coverage. What does that mean for Ohio residents? Less access and more expensive health care.

But as Renacci is voting without so much as an official estimate of how many Ohioans will lose health insurance under the law, and how much more they’ll pay for coverage, Renacci will be hard-pressed to give any answer but to shrug and say, “Sorry I sold you out to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy few. Please vote for me anyway.”

In response to Renacci’s irresponsible vote against his own constituents, American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price issued the following statement:

“Jim Renacci threw every single Ohioan under the bus today, voting for a bill that he knows will bring them pain and suffering. Renacci is already putting partisan politics over people — real Ohioans — by voting to take away as many as 26 million Americans’ healthcare, all to give the top 1% and his wealthiest donors billions in tax cuts.”

Published: May 4, 2017

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