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Friday, Sep 1 2017

REMINDER: Walker is no friend to Wisconsin workers

Sep 01, 2017

As many Wisconsin workers prepare for a much deserved long weekend, it seems fitting to take note of the many times that Governor Scott Walker didn’t have workers’ backs. Below are the top 6 times Walker sold out Wisconsin workers.

  1. Walker said he doesn’t believe the minimum wage serves a purpose. He should talk to the 46,000 Wisconsin workers that make minimum wage or less if they agree.
  2. Walker stripped Wisconsin of its living wage laws and put in a lower minimum wage in its place.
  3. Walker signed legislation that took away the ability of localities to provide paid sick leave programs. The bill superseded Milwaukee’s paid sick leave ordinance, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters.
  4. Walker eliminated collective bargaining rights for government employees in Wisconsin. The same legislation also cut benefits for government employees.
  5. On the campaign trail, Walker equated teachers unions protesting legislation to terrorism.
  6. Walker approved right-to-work legislation, despite his initial opposition because of likely union backlash.

Published: Sep 1, 2017

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