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Thursday, Jul 19 2018

QUICK CLIP: Out of Touch Hawley Fails to Address Tariff Pain Felt By Farmers & Manufacturers

Jul 19, 2018

You know I think the President’s right” – Hawley


When asked about the reckless trade policies hurting Missouri farmers and manufacturers, rather than address the pain of his constituents or offer real solutions, Josh Hawley resorted to desperate partisan attacks.

Hawley to KOLR: “You know I think the President’s right to go out there and say we need a better deal for American farmers, Missouri farmers, for American workers, Missouri workers… I think the President is right to go out there and say we need to shake this up and we need to get a better deal. He’s right to go out there and fight for it. And I tell you who’s left Missouri farmers behind is Claire McCaskill. In twelve years what has she done for Missouri’s farmers? Zero.”

You read that right: Hawley said Trump’s harmful tariffs were “right” three times in a row.

Watch Josh Hawley’s total lack of empathy for struggling Missouri farmers and manufacturers:

Unfortunately, this is just more of the same from Hawley, who said the same thing almost word-for-word yesterday.

Today, American Bridge’s Trade War Watch campaign targeted Josh Hawley for failing to stand up for communities impacted by Trump’s reckless trade policy. Click here to watch American Bridge’s digital ad holding Hawley accountable for refusing to stand with Missourians.

Published: Jul 19, 2018

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