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News Wednesday, Sep 5 2018

QUICK CLIP: Rick Scott Tiptoes Around Trump, Floridians Take Note

Sep 05, 2018

In case Floridians needed another reminder that self-serving Rick Scott only does what’s in his own political interest, Central Florida News highlighted just how carefully Scott is ducking and dodging Donald Trump since he announced his Senate campaign — in spite of being one of Trump’s strongest supporters in 2016.

You have to read it to believe it. Rick Scott even contradicts himself on whether he speaks to Trump:

REPORTER: “He was one of President Trump’s earliest and most vocal supporters. But in the five months since Governor Rick Scott launched his bid for Florida’s US Senate seat, his tune has changed.”

SCOTT: “When it’s good for Florida, I’m going to work with the president on those things and when it’s not good for Florida, I’m going to oppose them.”

REPORTER: “And while President Trump continues to sing Governor Rick Scott’s praises on the campaign trail and via Twitter, Governor Scott is treading carefully.”

REPORTER: “But what impact would a Trump rally have on Governor Rick Scott’s campaign? Experts say in a purple state like Florida, it could be a major political gamble.”

REPORTER: “So how likely is President Trump to campaign on Scott’s behalf in the future? It’s a question Rick Scott hasn’t asked.”

SCOTT: “I’ve not talked to him. I’d love everybody’s support.”


Watch Central Florida News highlight Scott’s self-serving support for Donald Trump:


Watch the full clip here.

Published: Sep 5, 2018

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